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Best wine tours in Bordeaux

Why Visit Bordeaux?

If you're looking for a wine tour, then quite simply, Bordeaux is one of the most iconic wine regions in the world to visit! Wine tasting tours and winery visits in Bordeaux are an absolute must for any wine lover or food fanatic. The Bordeaux way of life is a daily celebration of wine, heritage and culture thanks to the region's philosophy of “l’art de vivre”, which places great gastronomy, beautiful places, and bonhomie at the heart of everyday living - very similar to our ethos at Winerist! To really uncover the essence of Bordeaux you need to experience a châteaux visit and taste the wine! Bordeaux is one of our top regions and one that at Winerist we have visited many times so you can be assured that we offer the very best tours that the region has to offer. To find your ideal wine tour of Bordeaux click here.

Travel a short journey from Bordeaux city on a guided wine tour to discover some of the world’s most revered and best recognised winemaking regions. Whether you go mad for Margaux or prefer a Pauillac, this is an incredible place to make a wine pilgrimage. It helps, of course, that each Bordeaux appellation is dotted with beautiful châteaux to visit, tiny historic towns, and mile upon mile of undulating grapevines to tour. The appellations here are described as Left Bank or Right Bank, depending on which side of the river they inhabit. From the legendary region of Medoc in the north, to the sweet wine producing Sauternes in the south; and the renowned estates of Saint Emilion and Pomerol in the east, some of the most sought-after wines in the world are produced here. How could this region not make for the best wine tasting tour?

Whilst enjoying the region's wines we also recommend taking a food tasting tour to explore Bordeaux's incredible cuisine. Bordeaux is a gastronomic paradise, with fantastic restaurants representing every cuisine imaginable. Many of the best Bordeaux restaurants are, of course, focused on the rich culinary heritage of both France and Bordeaux, with fresh, seasonal local produce taking centre stage. If you're a fan of oysters, don't leave without visiting the Cap Ferret Peninsula, which is dotted with simple oyster farming villages where on a Winerist tour you can sample the freshest oysters imaginable. Bordeaux is one of the best destinations for taking a mouth-watering gourmet food tour.

Not only is Bordeaux a Mecca for wine and food lovers; the city is alive with fascinating history and a vibrant cultural scene. Formerly an important centre for shipping and trade, Bordeaux is now a cosmopolitan destination where history sits shoulder-to-shoulder with modernity. Get lost in the ancient streets of Saint Emilion; stroll through trendy Saint-Pierre and visit the cutting edge wine museum Cite du Vin; stop for lunch in gastronomic Saint-Michel and end your day with a glass of the region's finest in one of the many wine bars of Chartrons. Winerist’s vast array of private tours and small group tours will help you explore this amazing city.

Our favourite way of exploring the vineyards of Bordeaux is by bicycle. It's fun, eco-friendly & can be enjoyed at your own pace. Choose an e-bike wine tasting tour from Bordeaux for minimal effort! 

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